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Wall Coating with ceramic filter

The ceramic filter has a major influence on the temperature in both indoor and outdoor applications. The effect of this filter for outdoor applications is sunlight reflection, this keeps the building cooler and protection against UV radiation.




The coating for inside regulates the humidity to create optimal conditions to create coolness. Due a better moisture regulation mold build up will be prevented. 

Our products are well suited for people with allergic and asthmatic disorders, since there is no allergy-stimulating release of chemicals. There is also no air load in the room since the paint is free of emissions and only water is used as a solvent. The typical smell during renovation disappears very quickly. The pure, healthy humidified air facilitates breathing. Convection currents, which could raise dust, are reduced.

Information about indoor wall coating  

Information about outdoor wall coating 

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Our exterior coatings fulfill the demand of especially monumental buildings for an optimal capillary and vapor permeable paint, which prevents a buildup of salt and fluid and is resistant to all contemporary climate influences.

The permanent capillary structure ensures that moisture is sucked out of the wall. This feature makes our products especially suitable for renovation of old buildings. In addition, temperature variations will be settled efficiently, and the façade is protected against thermal stresses.

After application the underlying wall has enough air to breathe. The endothermal membrane acts as a hydric diode and sucks moisture from the façade based on its capillary structure.


The application is optical stable for many years.

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