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Roof Coating with ceramic filter

Cooler roof due sunlight reflection which results in energy saving. The solution offers longer roof life and is better for the environment. Can be used on asbestos roofs.

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The coating solution provides long-term protection against influences such as precipitation, smog, acids and salts. Thanks to the ceramic filter, the application does not become brittle and does not or hardly age. This, in combination with the high UV blocking, ensures that the life of the roof is extended by at least 10 years.

Information about roof coating  

Energy Saving

The ceramic filter has a high degree of sunlight reflecting so that the building is

not overheated. The sunlight reflection in a white color version is no less than 91% and in most dark colors still more than 50%. Due to this sunlight reflection, the energy costs for the air conditioning can be significantly reduced. Energy savings up to 25% is possible!

Asbestos Roofs

Asbestos roof coatings are highly reliable, yet easy to apply and so less expensive than over cladding or replacement. They are the ideal minimum fuss repair solution, and deliver exceptional resistance. The coating that is applied to the entire roof is to form a complete  protective finish that will help prevent further deterioration of the asbestos (cement) roof sheets.

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